Need Space? Get Wheel Spacers

wheel spacers in uaeWheel spacers are one of the most important parts of your car. They provide a cost-effective way of widening the offset of your wheels and increasing track width. You’ll find race cars with wheel spacers or even in rear axle applications to match a custom front axle.

But, why do you need to get wheel spacers in Dubai? Is it worth the money to have them installed on your car? Yes, and here are the reasons:

They Increase Your Wheel Track Width

Increasing your wheel track width helps in improving your car’s grip and handling. When you’re at a specific speed limit, the increased wheel track enables your car to be more stable, which is why most race cars have wheel spacers on them. Think of it as if you’re buying a wider rim minus the added cost of another tire, rim, and extra work.

They Give Your Car Better Stance

Looks can be everything when it comes to cars, and having wheel spacers can help you in this aspect. If you want to push out the wheels and give your car a more aggressive look, install wheel spacers. With the spacers, the rims and tire sit flush with your fender line, giving your car a more defined and aggressive look.

They Provide You with More Big Brake Kit Clearance

Are you planning to get an OE replacement or a big brake kit? You may need wheel spacers to match the style of the rim and offset. As most BBKs require at least a 17-inch rim, wheel spacers will provide you with the clearance you need to avoid problems with the design or mounting surface of the rim.

They Help Adjust Your Offset

It happens – a car owner ends up buying a set of wheels that don’t match the offset of the car. If the offset is too high, the wheels may start to sit too far inwards. This may cause the tire to rub on the inside of the wheel or other suspension parts – not to mention, it affects the aesthetics of your car. If your problem is your wheel offset, go to and view your options for your wheel spacers.

Choosing your wheel spacers requires a great deal of thought, so you can be sure that you have the right size or thickness value. Get expert insights to avoid running into trouble when you’re choosing and installing these parts.