Home Improvement Hacks: Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

Corian supplierEven if you do not have a big budget, you can still improve your kitchen. The most important thing is you know which areas of your kitchen to upgrade and what materials to use. There are three major areas to focus on. Consider these areas when you do some kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Space

The space of your kitchen is important. When you arrange everything in your kitchen, make sure you consider factors like how you use the area every day, during parties and holidays. Doing this will enable you to plan the layout that will facilitate excellent storage, workflow and improve the aesthetics.

Also consider the work triangle: the range, sink and refrigerator. The distance from one point of the triangle to another should be no less than 4 feet and no larger than 9 feet. The sum of the 3 sides should be between 13 to 26 feet.

Kitchen Countertops

For the countertops, there are many materials you can consider. One is granite. Countertops made from granite are popular because they have a high-end look. The stone patterns vary, creating a charming look. Quartz countertops are also popular. They are easy to maintain and can resist heat well. For a modern look, though, seamless counters are the best choice, says a Corian supplier in Dubai.

The countertops made from acrylic are highly resistant to scratches and stains. With these countertops, burns and scratches can be easily sanded out. Go to the website of one of Dubai’s suppliers for more information.

Flooring System

The flooring material is crucial because the kitchen is a heavy-traffic area. One of the popular choices among homeowners is ceramic tile. This comes in different colours, shapes and patterns. A good thing about ceramic tile is it stands up to wear and tear. Cleaning it is also easy. For the ‘Old World’ appeal, limestone is your flooring material of choice.

If you want a welcoming ambiance and a classic look for your kitchen, consider hardwood flooring.  A hardwood floor is easy to clean and can also last for a long time. The most durable choices are maple, oak and cherry.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It needs to be always clean and aesthetically pleasing. Improving your kitchen will also increase its resale value. Make sure to upgrade your kitchen’s layout, flooring system and countertops. Do not forget to pick appliances and wall decors that complement your countertops and flooring materials.