Build a Work-Conducive Workspace for Creatives

With the start-up culture came workspaces that are conducive for creatives, like writers and designers, to get things done. Gone are the days of closed off cubicles and tight spaces that box you in and limit your creativity. A lot of startups have been successful with this, and a lot of larger corporations and agencies have hopped onto the bandwagon and redesigned their offices. Yet, there are still those who’ve failed in this regard and remained clueless.

How exactly do you build a workspace that fosters the creativity of your best writers and designers? The best office interior design experts in Bangalore share a few ideas:

Let your creatives be creative with their spaces

Encourage your employees to be creative with their assigned spaces by personalizing it with their own things. Workspaces that have personal trinkets, such as photos (or even letting them bring their pets, if you’re radical), make them feel more at home. That familiar feeling can boost their creativity and help improve their output.

Let them roam free

The last thing that creatives want is being boxed in. So let them roam free around the office to work. Design community zones they can work at besides their own desks, such as a cafe bar or a living room filled with bean bags.

Brand your spaces with iconic objects

Rather than a dull sign that says “X Department,” brand your designated spaces with objects that are relevant to the creatives who’ll be occupying it. For example, you can place design materials that are easily identified or even copies of award-winning designs in the section your graphic artists will be staying.

Break down the walls

By breaking down the walls that divide your employees, you make it easier for collaboration to take place. It’s easier for them to exchange ideas in person, rather than having them communicate through a chat app in their individual cubicles. It also encourages open communication which is healthy for any business, creative or not.

Don’t be a slave driver

The one thing to take note about creatives is that they are not machines that can produce quality work on demand. They rely on their creativity to come up with ideas, and sometimes they hit creative blocks. Often, the best way to solve this is to have a change of pace or scenery. It helps a lot to relax or do something fun in between work hours just to get those creative juices flowing. Provide them with a space they can do just that. It could be a game room or a set of sleeping pods to nap in. The options are limitless.

These are just some ideas you can take note of in your quest to create the best office space for your creatives. Remember that when you hit a roadblock, interior designers are just a call away to help you get over it. Visit this website if you need an interior designer to help with your office design.