5 Classic Furniture Pieces That You Can Buy for Your Office

If you’re a business owner, organizing and designing your office requires hours of preparation, planning, and brainstorming. After all, you will spend almost half of your day at work for years. Your office will be your second home, the safe space where you can grow your business, encourage your employees, and in general foster an efficient work environment for all.

With these in mind, it’s then wise to use the best furniture and equipment for your second home. Have you thought of themes to follow in your next office renovation project? If you’re an old soul who’s leaning toward classic furniture pieces, here are five smart choices for you.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

best-office-chairMade of plywood and leather, this classic piece combines utmost stability and comfort for you. This high-end chair is so sophisticated that even the Museum of Modern Art in New York has its own collection. Imagine sitting on the best office chair in your private corner and crunching numbers or designing homes for your clients. During your fifteen-minute break, instead of going downstairs for a cigarette, you can rest your feet on the ottoman, lean back, and listen to good music and feel the luxury of the Eames lounge chair.

Barcelona Chair

Designed by renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona chair is also one of the simplest yet most sophisticated furniture pieces in the world. Characterized by X-shaped steel legs, soft leather cover, and no armrests for connecting the seat and back, it’s an iconic chair that design and engineering professionals love. The functional and sleek design will fit any office lobby, including your own internet marketing outfit.

Ball Chair

Eero Arnio’s ball chair designed in 1963 fits most modern offices. Framed in acrylic and standing on a steel swivel pedestal, sitting on one will feel like you’re in a nest or an egg. While it’s made with solid materials, the inner side is of course upholstered with soft fabrics or even leather. This may not be comfortable as your desk chair but it will fit that breakout area that you’ve been planning for your employees. This is also an ideal chair to nap in, after all.

Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge or a long chair serves more as a sofa than a chair for one. This is meant to support your legs and would then look good beside the ball chair in the breakout area. As a recliner, your tired employee can also take a nap in a chaise lounge. This piece of office furniture in Dubai is also available in different colors, sizes, and materials.

Noguchi Table

This accent table is ideal in a modern office lobby. Made of wooden legs with a glass platform and characterized with freeform design, it can look well in an established lawyer’s personal office, too. While this furniture piece can be expensive, it also gives a self-assured feel to your own space at work.

With smart and efficient office furniture pieces, you can build a work environment where creativity, connectedness, and innovation prosper. Ask your local furniture shop for tips on how to get one of these classics. http://abc-ae.com/