Experiencing the Finest in Dubai–On a Budget

Dhow cruise at the Dubai MarinaYou don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy the best of Dubai. A discounted flight can get you to Dubai, and all you have to do is plan your itinerary to make the most of your stay and your budget. This means being wise with the activities you choose to do, and looking for discounts wherever possible. You should also look for attractions that don’t require spending a lot of money. If you’re all about the sites and experiences, here are some activities to try in Dubai:


Go on a Cruise


The idea of a cruise in itself already spells luxury. After all, not everyone gets to go on a cruise. Even those who can afford it may think it’s more expensive than it actually is, and that stops them from booking a trip. There are Dubai dhow cruise deals to help you get a cruise that’s worth every cent, though. Decide if you want a dinner cruise or a Dhow cruise at the Dubai Marina. There’s also a luxury private yacht, if you want a little more flair and have the budget for it.


Go Window Shopping


Dubai Mall may be a tower of beautiful and expensive things, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend beyond your shopping budget. Feel free to just look around and scope for good discounts, and take a souvenir or two instead of a couple of trinkets that will just stack up at home. What matters is that you enjoy your trip. Before you take a trip to Dubai, research the prices of items you might be interested in, and see if you can buy them locally at a more affordable price. Some say that the price of certain gadgets are more affordable in Dubai, however, so that research really is important.


Go on an Architectural Tour


Dubai is known for its towering infrastructure–skyscrapers and malls that are architectural masterpieces. Take as many pictures as you want to fill your Instagram feed with images that awaken that feeling of wanderlust. You can also visit the Dubai museum, as well as other landscapes, to learn the rich history of the place without having to spend much.


Visiting Dubai on a budget may seem like a tough task, but planning it is part of the fun. To really enjoy the trip, splurge on one activity that you will enjoy, such as a cruise, and save on a meal or two to compensate for the expenses. Dubai has varied food options, giving you the flexibility to go for an expensive meal for dinner and a more affordable breakfast the next day. It’s really just a matter of allocating your funds in the right places.