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5 Romantic and Adventurous Date Ideas in Dubai

Taking care of a romantic relationship can be challenging especially for long-term couples. You may feel that you have already talked about everything in each other’s life, and that you have already done most of what you want to do as a date.

However, life is super exciting and there are thousands of things to do in Dubai alone. If you’re running out of ideas for a date with your wife, girlfriend, or even with your group of friends, here are five romantic and adventurous ideas that can work for you.

Yacht Dinner Date

If you work in Dubai, you may often see super cars along the road, and those luxury vehicles are not limited to the land. The rich people in Dubai also love their yachts, cruising along the coastline and spending time entertaining their families and friends for a grand time. However, spending a dinner date with your wife or girlfriend need not be too expensive. You can consult yacht rental service companies in Dubai and make your yacht dinner date dream come true. They can arrange the flowers, candles, dinner, and all the important details for a perfect and serene yacht time with your wife. If it’s still expensive for you, you can save up for it or perhaps ask about installment options, too.

Off-road Tours

These 4×4 desert tours are quite popular in Dubai. However, sometimes even the locals are the last ones to try their city’s tourism gimmicks. You may think this is boring but riding an aggressively bouncing 4×4 vehicle across the hot expanse of the desert can be exciting for the both of you. You can also ride a camel at sunset and it can be your romantic date of the month.

Nature and Wildlife

There are also fishing tours, dolphin watching adventures, and other wildlife dates available in Dubai. You can even spend an hour or two in Jumeirah public beach for a relaxing dinner date. There’s also Kite and Al Mamzar beach parks if those are nearer to your home.

Water Sports

The local thrill-seeker scene is also highly active in Dubai. If you and your girlfriend or wife hasn’t tried water sports, you can go on one as a date. Water sports is popular and you can go for a flyboard, jet ski, and even a freediving session near the city. You can also rent a boat or even a seaplane for a majestic hydro adventure date.

Extreme Adventures

If you’re not too excited about water sports, Dubai of course offers extreme adventures. Experiencing an adrenaline rush would be an understatement when you jump on a building or walk across the world’s tallest skyscrapers’ ledges, all with the majestic views of the city, and with ropes and safety equipment, too, of course. Ask yourself and your partner if you’re ready about this first.

Keeping the fire burning in a relationship can be challenging, but experiencing new things together can at least keep things warm for long. Consider these date ideas for your next adventure.