5 Medical Problems Your ENT Can Fix

Have you ever gone to a beach vacation only to go back home and feel pain in your ears? Do you spend hours of work with earphones stuck in your ears to block out the sound of your noisy colleague? Are you fond of eating cold, sweet treats after every meal? Are you prone to catching colds? If you said yes to any one of these questions, you have probably visited an ears, nose, and throat specialist (ENT) at least once in your life.

Your ears, nose, and throat are essential in your daily life, and even mild discomfort in these areas can ruin your otherwise perfect day. This is why medical specialists like an plastic surgeon in dubai play a significant role in your life. They can address these five medical problems and more.

Ear Infection

If you use cotton buds to clean your inner ear daily, you may have higher chances of developing ear infection. Add the hours of loud music through the earphones and you’re exposing your ear drums and all the sensitive little bones inside your ear to excessive sound waves and pressure. Do take care of your ear because an ENT practitioner often uses different invasive tools to check your inner ear. You don’t need that additional pain in your life, you know.

Allergic Rhinitis

People living in the Middle East are exposed to extreme heat and excessive dusts and even sand from the desert. If your nose often feel irritated even after mild exposure from air pollutants, perhaps you should visit an ENT for help. Allergic rhinitis can be very uncomfortable. Imagine working all day at the office nursing an itch that you can’t scratch inside your nose. Your ENT will give you medication for relief on this.


Allergic rhinitis, if untreated, can heighten your sensitivity to colds. This can be even more annoying than sneezing your way through the work day. You may need to stay at home for sick leave if you have colds. Your ENT can also prescribe antibiotics if necessary to treat this issue.

Sore Throat

People who love desserts are also more prone to developing sore throat. While lozenges can sometimes prevent mild sore throat from developing into serious throat sores and infection, you may need to consult an ENT practitioner for expert opinion. Like allergic rhinitis and colds, sore throat can affect your work and home life. You can miss important family occasions and annual business events because of a simple sore throat, so make sure your throat is well taken care of regularly.


This can be one of the saddest and most uncomfortable illnesses that an ENT can thankfully fix. Imagine not eating any solid food for a few days because of swollen tonsils. You will even have fever because of the infection and you will surely need to stay away from work for a while to recuperate.

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