4 Common Sports Programs in International Schools

Are you a student who follows an active lifestyle? Have you always been interested in playing sports and maybe even becoming a professional athlete when you grow up?

If you’re serious about that life goal, perhaps it’s best to enroll in a private or international school that can hone your skills. If you ask around, you’ll find the following sports programs in a nearby school.


sports-programs-in-international-schoolsGood schools in Dubai British curriculum offer this sport in their competitive training programs. As the most watched sport worldwide, football speaks to millions of young ones across the globe. When enrolled in an international or private school, you can sign up on their football team and develop the necessary skills with your fellow players. You can develop the basics, move on to intermediate, and maybe later on even teach your fellow athletes the key skills involved in your chosen sport.


There’s a reason the National Basketball Association (NBA) is popular worldwide. As a team sport, basketball is fun to play. The suspense, competition, and stamina involved are admirable, after all. If you’re tall enough to qualify as a varsity player, you can develop your passing, dribbling, and shooting skills and even move on to advanced training sessions with your coach and fellow basketball players. Like any good sport, basketball will also teach you discipline, perseverance, and belief in your own talent.


While this sport is more popular among women, volleyball, like football and basketball, is also a competitive team sport. If you’re interested in serving, spiking, blocking, and passing balls with your five other teammates on the court, this is your sport. If you have great skills on this, you can become a professional athlete when you graduate, too. After all, professional athletes get paid well and even get to travel to international competitions, so why not develop your skills at an early age?


Unlike the three previous sports mentioned, this one is for the highly competitive individual athlete. However, like any sports, mastering swimming skills and strokes requires hours upon hours of unrelenting dedication, perseverance, and motivation. If you’re familiar with the Olympics, you know how competitive swimming is among international and professional athletes. Even if you don’t pursue professional swimming, your older body will still thank you for spending hours on your laps. You will have healthier lungs, a strong physique, and even toned muscles from those swims during your childhood after all.

If you’re a good enough athlete, you can even get an athletic scholarship in your favorite sport. It will be challenging to balance your academic load and athletic demands, but it will be worth it in the end. Click here to visit the website of your chosen school to learn more about their athletic programs.