Sell content marketing to your boss

Sell content marketing to your bossMany companies are trying to make it big in the world of online businesses, but are not quite reaching their potential. If you are working in one of such companies and want to change the way, your company is conducting their business. You need to change your approach and present your case a bit more effectively. This is no going to be some generic advice like be persuasive, have faith in your ability or other things like that. This is an attempt to help; you formulate a plan that will help you in persuading your bosses into giving their full support for content marketing.


One of the first things that you need to realize is that most of the bosses are people who are very result oriented. What you need to understand is that main purpose of any business is to earn money. If you can make your pitch to suit this basic need, they are going to be more than happy to not only listen to you, but give you required support and yes financing too for your chosen Twitter influencers. Therefore, your fist goal is to identify and convey it to your bosses how this campaign is going to help your company earn more money. They have no interest whatsoever in how hits the company website got or whether your company’s website is on the first page of Google. They want to know how if you manage any of that or even all of that is going to affect their sales. After all that is what is going to bring in the revenue to pay for your salaries as well as your schemes.


Next, you need to realize that you do not have to go into details with them. They are much happier to see the results rather than micro managing every step of your work. Your best approach will be to give them an overview of what you will do without going into details. This is very important that they are as enthusiastic about the whole program as you are. In fact, make sure that all the decision makers are on board and agree with your plan. Otherwise, it is going to cause you trouble later and you may not be able to do anything then.


Make sure that your objectives and strategy point directly to the results gained by top Instagram influencers. Remember that at the end your bosses want money to come in. they are only going to fork out the required cash if they feel that it is going to bring back a lot more of the money. Hence, they should be able to see that is exactly what you are aiming for. You should also have the relevant data like what do you think are the underperforming pages on your website and how improving these pages are going to help you in converting it into more money for the company. Remember research, link building and all the other stuff are the ways to achieve profit and they are not goals in themselves. Make sure that you know that and your bosses know you know that.