Ways to Immortalize Important Family Occasions

Important Family OccasionsAs a family, you will celebrate a lot of occasions together. Some of those may happen every year, but others happen once in a lifetime. For those occasions that you want to remember forever, here are some ideas:

Family Photograph with Your Newborn

Each child will only be born once. Capture the first weeks of your baby through a photoshoot especially for newborns. There are baby photography studios around Dubai that can accommodate you and your child for a day of fun costumes and the resulting adorable photos. You can also look for a family photographer in Abu Dhabi who can capture your best shots with your newborn. Keep the photos in an album, or share some as postcards or greeting cards for your parents and close friends. Click here to see what each newborn photography package usually includes.


Framed Memorabilia from Your Wedding

Each wedding is unique. Even if you choose to celebrate your wedding anniversary by getting married to your partner again, it will not be the same occasion. To immortalize that special day in your family’s life, have some of the most important elements of the wedding and turn them to pieces of art. Your save-the-date cards or invitation cards can be converted to a framed postcard, or your wedding photo can be the highlight of the bedroom, hung on the wall opposite your bed so you can see it every night. You can add smaller frames including photos of your children at various stages of their life to surround your wedding picture, to convey the message of being a connected family.


Pendants with Your Initials

If you want something that you can take with you anywhere, a wallet-sized photo can do the trick. If you want something a little more sentimental and visible, have your initials engraved in a pendant to wear around your neck. You could have your initials as a single individual, then your initials as a married person, joined with the initials of your children. If you have long names, a charm bracelet is another good option. Another option is to have your initials in a single pendant, with your baby’s fingerprint at the opposite surface.


Keep small reminders of milestones in your family’s life. These don’t have to be grand. They can come in any form, and you can be as creative as you want. Pinterest has some ideas you could try, or you can get the help of your family photographer to capture the best memories of an event.