4 Factors for Creating Smarter, Unconventional Business Cards

Creating Smarter, Unconventional Business CardsAre you a rookie entrepreneur who wants to promote your products and services? Are you a small- or medium-level enterprise who wants to expand your target market and increase your market share? Have you been thinking of clever ways to grow your business through traditional yet smarter marketing strategies?

In this age when more people are online and most businesses have started to establish an online presence, most professionals and entrepreneurs seem to have forgotten the power of giving out a business card. After all, who keeps a wallet full of business cards these days? However, catching a potential customer or investor’s attention does not need to involve the usual small rectangular cardboards with your name and contact details on them. If you want to get more attention to your business, create and hand out smarter business cards with these four factors in mind.


Do away with the usual paper or soft cardboards and explore different materials that reflect who you are and what you sell. If you make furniture, print out business cards from thin, softer wood. If you specialize in metal work, perhaps use thin sheets of aluminum as business cards. Use transparent business cards with a camera viewfinder on the center and your details on the sides if you’re a photographer. You can also use recycled materials if you’re environment.


Now that you’ve decided on a material to use, consider next the shape of your special business card. If you teach certain sports, shape your business card into a basketball, football, or maybe even a skateboard. If you sell cheese, make a tiny cheese grater out of your business card. If you’re into camping services, give out your name and contact information in a multi-functional tool with a ruler, a hidden cutter, and maybe even a can opener. Roll up your business card to promote your yoga or pilates studio. Even a simple lipstick mark can make you famous as a make-up artist.


If you can, stay away from the static business cards, too. Cool business cards Dubai artists love can be standing, a pop-up, or folded into a box if you have a logistics and shipping company.

Go for a card with moving parts if you’re an engineer or designer. It can also be sliding and with contrasting colors for an amazing visual effect.


For companies with multiple products and services, business cards can also be grouped. For example, if you’re a web designer, print out three to four tabs to perhaps include a web layout and design you worked on. You can also go for social media style business card with contact details, photos, and character references. This can serve as your compact resume, too.

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